Driving Directions



422 Feather Farms Rd        
Metcalfe, MS 38760        

Coming from the west (Arkansas) on US Hwy 82:
From Mississippi River Bridge, continue 10.5 miles east on Hwy 82 to Miss. Hwy. 1  (Dr. Martin Luther King street.).

Turn left (north) on to Dr. MLK / Hwy 1.

From the intersection of  US Hwy 82 and Hwy 1 / MLK, go north  2.6 mi. on Hwy 1 / MLK.

Turn right on to Broadway at light (at airport sign).

Go 1.0 mi. (northeast) to Metcalfe Rd. and turn right on to Metcalfe Rd.

 (Small, sign on the right says “Town of Metcalfe → “.  The turnoff is before three large tan warehouse bldgs. on the left  on Broadway.) 

Go 1.7 mi. east on Metcalfe Rd. and turn right on to Feather Farms Rd., just past the Metcalfe Post Office.  Keep to the left and go across bridge at 0.1 mi. 

Go 2.3 mi. on Feather Farms Rd. to entrance of Delta Conservation Demonstration Center.  Turn left and go to DCDC bldgs.


From US Hwy. 61 or coming west on US Hwy 82 (from Greenwood or Indianola):

Coming south on Hwy 61, turn right (west) onto Stoneville Rd.  (The turn-off is 1.4 mi. north of the Hwy 82 exit to Greenville / Greenwood.  There are Delta Cons. Demo. Center and Mid Delta Regional Airport signs on Hwy 61 on both northbound and southbound sides. Coming southbound on Hwy. 61, there is a railroad crossing about ¼ mile before the turn-off.)

Coming from Hwy. 82, go north on Hwy 61 1.4 mi. and turn left on to Stoneville Rd. at the Airport / Delta Cons. Demo. Center signs.  Stay straight ahead (west) on Stoneville Rd.  (Pass the  two roads that go to the south.)

Go west 2.2 mi. on Stoneville Rd. and turn left at stop sign and cross the bridge.  (This will be the second stop sign in Stoneville.) 

Turn right after you cross the bridge (You are in front of Stoneville Post Office.) and go 0.6 miles on Old Leland Rd..

Turn right (north) on to Feather Farms Rd. (There are DCDC and Airport signs at the turn-off.) 

Go 5.6 miles to the DCDC entrance which will be on the right just past bridge.   (There is a  90 degree left turn at bridge at about 2.5 mi.  Be careful.











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